Amazon to Open Pop-Up Stores

The retail giant, Amazon has already taken over the world with its easy access to almost everything imaginable as well as super-fast delivery times. There is no denying that the growth in the company over the past ten years has resulted in small businesses going out of business but Amazon is doing its best to give something back.

Throughout the UK, Amazon is going to set up 10 pop-up stores in order to support small businesses, giving them an opportunity to sell on the high street for the first time.

The pilot, which is going to last for a year, known as “Clicks and Mortar” forms part of a new model in partnerships with small-business network Enterprise Nation. The aim is to help online brands create a high-street presence. The first shop has already been opened in Manchester with further shops appearing in Wales, Scotland, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the South East.

This bold move from Amazon is a great marketing technique in so many ways. It helps to bridge the gap between giant retailers and small businesses while also helping small businesses to enhance their brand. Using the £1m SME apprenticeship fund from Amazon, 150 full-time apprentices will be trained in order to help the businesses increase their sales.

The pilot will form part of independent research that will be submitted to the government. This will follow calls for new ideas to help develop the Future High Streets Fund and Strategy.

The UK Country Manager at Amazon, Doug Gurr has said that small businesses are extremely important to Amazon when it comes to customer groups and so, they are eager to work with Enterprise Nation in order to design a package that will help entrepreneurs throughout the UK to grow their business both online and offline.

These pop-up stores will sell health and beauty products as well as homeware, food, drink and electronics. The new concept will provide small businesses with the technology and support they need to experience what it is like to operate from a physical location, while also helping them to market their brand to potential new customers.