Artificial Intelligence is Not Fully Understood by Consumers

A new report has found that the attitudes of consumers towards artificial intelligence is not as positive as once thought. Despite a growing trend in the use of artificial intelligence technologies, consumers have a lack of understanding of how they can benefit and so, they are more likely to trust real people in order to make their decision.

From a digital marketing perspective, this lack of understanding now requires some thought because artificial intelligence is now becoming more widespread in the digital marketing industry. So, only 25% of consumer would trust a decision made by an AI system regarding their acceptance for a bank loan. This highlights that people still prefer to have decisions made by real people because they trust them more and they also believe that the decision can be influenced somewhat. So, what is required is for AI systems to have the ability to help companies make ethical decisions. Therefore, they should follow the same processes, ensuring that the decision made is ethically the right one.

As mentioned, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are now being utilised by digital marketers and consumers. However, the lack of trust from consumers could have an impact on the entire experience and so, it would also have an impact on the brand in question. Consumers consider trust and transparency to be of significant importance to them and as artificial intelligence is going to grow, it is vital that it is done in the correct way. If digital marketing agencies can make good use of the capabilities of artificial intelligence while adding in the same element of empathy that is experienced from a real person then the success among consumers is likely to grow.

As artificial intelligence becomes more accessible to digital marketers, it means that it will be used on a large scale by consumers. With tools such as chat bots becoming more mainstream, it enables digital marketers to create a more personalised experience for consumers. There is no denying that artificial intelligence is gathering momentum but consumers are not going to be won over without a fight. Despite the world relying on technology, it seems as though consumers still require that human element to interaction but if trust and transparency between artificial intelligence and consumers can improve, then things will certainly change.