Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress Web Design

We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that benefit of WordPress Web Design is probably one of the best content management systems (CMS) with which to design a website. Being web designers ourselves we have worked with a number of CMS systems such as Drupal, Magneto, & Joomla, however, from a customer centric view, WordPress is secure, reliable and a much easier platform for customers use. It’s no surprise that there are now over 50 million websites on the intranet which have been built using WordPress, including some big brands such as YouTube, BBC America, The Official Star Wars Blog, Sony Music and Xerox to name but a few.

WordPress Web Design – In A Nutshell

  1. SEO (search engine optimisation) and mobile friendly technologies are already in-built into the vast majority of WordPress themes. Which means your site is already Google SEO friendly and what’s even better you will have traffic coming to your door sooner rather than later as search engines just love to index WordPress pages.
  2. There a millions of developers, coders & software programmers who all contribute to designing millions of themes, plug-ins or add-ons that can perform everything from the creation of simple contact forms, to full-scale search engine optimisation software. What’s more themes, add-ons or plug-ins are updated constantly by their respective developers, so you can be rest assured that you have the latest technology and security backup features within your site.
  3. If you cannot code, then there’s no need to worry. WordPress themes are pre-coded so this takes away the hassle of designing and managing your own website. However, if you want a website which is bespoke to your business then it maybe worthwhile investing into a good web developer.
  4. Rich Media – it’s so easy to embed video, slides, and images into posts and pages of WordPress websites, that you’ll just love posting them.
  5. If you ever get stuck or are in need of a quick online tutorial, then there is extensive free help available to get you on your way.
  6. If you want to customise your website to your business needs then you can use Widgets, CSS, Plugins, Add-ons and many more software features which are ready to go and need very little coding experience. What’s more, most plug-ins are extremely easy to set up and are usually running within minutes, so you don’t have to fork out ridiculous costs for a web developer.
  7. When you’re creating your WordPress website, you have the option of seeing the site visually as you create it, or if you’re pretty savvy at coding then you might use the text or coding visual. Either way, its easy as “what you see is what you get.