Black Cab Turned Into a Miniature Bar by Schweppes

With the festive period in full swing, everyone is in the party spirit. With this comes office parties and family get-togethers, all of which will usually involve some form of alcohol.

Christmas is an important time of the year for brands, especially those who play a big role in helping people to get into the festive spirit during Christmas. Therefore, marketing is key and doing something different and unique is a sure-fire way to impress consumers and put their brand up in lights. This is where Schweppes has really taken advantage of all that Christmas has to offer.

Schweppes has taken marketing to another level because it is helping people get into the festive spirit by hosting a miniature bar inside a hackney carriage. When passengers are picked up, they will be met by a private driver but also their own mixologist.

The cab has been designed to feel as though it is a luxurious Christmas bar and so, passengers can expect garlands, fairy lights as well as leather seating and timber flooring. This is luxury on wheels.

The mixologist will then get to work on creating gin and tonics that will be served to passengers. With gin being the in-fashion spirit at the moment, Schweppes is capitalising on the opportunity to take advantage of this busy time of year and what better way to do it?

If the smartly dressed mixologist is not enough, then the choice of two drinks on offer certainly will. The mixologist will create a ‘Sleigh Ride’, which is made with Edinburgh Christmas gin, ginger ale and tonic water and a ‘Santa’s Helper’ which contains Ceder’s non-alcoholic gin mixed with tonic water. So, Schweppes is not only showing how their tonic can be enjoyed as an alcoholic drink but also as a non-alcoholic drink.

Passengers can take advantage of this amazing experience as part of a complimentary zone 1 journey where they can choose their pick-up and drop-off locations.

A clever move by Schweppes but a marketing tactic that will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention and boost sales at the same time. (Image courtesy of campaign live).