Brands and the Next Digital Revolution

A new brands and digital revolution might be closer than we realise but many brands could struggle with this next digital wave. However, self-optimisation could help them to take opportunities and handle challenges that might be waiting for them.

Data is underpinning this new digital revolution and this new age includes artificial intelligence, smart home and the Internet of Things. All of this simply means that businesses have to change their way of thinking.

Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Data

In the world of today, every action generates data but that data is making development possible and that is leading to personalised products and services that are meeting the specific needs of consumers as well as their expectations.

Data is driving Artificial Intelligence forward, machines are learning more than ever before, providing insights that can be used by brands to enhance personalisation and automation while improving relationships with their audience.

Through harnessing data, businesses are able to gain a greater understanding of their audience from all platforms. This is making it possible for businesses to bridge the gaps between marketing channels before introducing a user-led approach that serves the customer better than ever before.

Some of the largest brands in the world such as Apple, Facebook and Google are now creating deep relationships with their customers to the point where they have now become part of daily life. How are they doing this? By taking advantage of the way in which they offer convenience and an experience that feels more human-like. Customers value this immensely and what is more important, is that they now expect it.

The Mobile World is the Driving Force

Consumers are now more concerned about time and that is why they have come to rely on smart devices for research and carrying out transactions. Fast-loading content, accelerated mobile pages and responsive designs all help the consumer to save time. Fast checkouts, payment wallet technologies and auto-fill have helped big brands keep consumers happy.

In order for brands to feel more human, they need to look at chatbot technologies to enhance efficiency while adopting skills for personal assistant such as the Amazon Echo can all help to improve the consumer experience.

Consumers are now becoming familiar with the human aspect of the interaction between themselves and brands. However, the next generation will drive the growth of this new digital era, creating opportunities for brands and marketers. It is how brands and businesses embrace and manage these changes that will determine how they move into a new and exciting world.