Stealthy Marketing Tactics To Make You Read Emails

Brands are adopting stealthy email marketing tactics to make you read their emails

Millions of people around the world receive a deluge of emails on a daily basis from businesses and brands. They are all offering us something unique and special but many people simply hit the delete button and send the emails into the murky depths of the internet.

However, adopt a Stealthy Marketing Tactics To Make You Read Emails, a new email marketing technique that has been adopted by many businesses is now resulting in more and more people opening their emails, even though the recipients do not want to.

Sneaky tactics

The sneaky tactic is aimed at quickly grabbing the attention of readers and more and more people are falling for it. This is not a case of introducing buzzwords or making the email appear to be urgent, this is a technique that is hardly revolutionary but it is managing to fly under-the-radar somewhat.

So, this technique that many companies have now adopted is simple, in fact, it could not be any simpler and all it takes is the inclusion of “FWD:” or “Re:” in the subject line.

It is clear to see just how simple this technique is but it is generating great results for companies. However, the logic behind the idea is what makes it work so well.

Why it works so well

The aim is to make the email appear as though it has been forwarded on or for it to look as though it is a response to an earlier email that was never sent in the first place. Either this tricks readers into thinking that they have engaged with them previously or someone has gone out of his or her way to forward on an email to them. This then works by making readers feel as though they are obliged to open and read the email.

Therefore, this new email marketing method is one that seems to be working, for now. However, more and more readers are becoming aware of this tactic so it is likely to be short-lived. This then begs the question, “What tactic will brands come up with next?”

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