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Worlds Most Valuable Brands 2018

According to Forbes annual look at the world’s most valuable brands – Apple tops the list.  The tech titan is now worth $182.8 billion and grew by 8% last year.  Google is ranked second at $132.1 billion and although the gap in brand value between the great Silicon Valley giants was greater some 3 years


John Lewis & Aldi Copy Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns Are absolutely everywhere. Literally so according to research, the average person is subjected to 5000 advertising messages per day. It is no longer just the traditional form of advertising either, such as during the breaks of your favorite TV show. Now you will see advertising appear on billboards, radio, press and magazines, direct


What Does A Sales & Marketing Consultant Do?

Sales  Marketing Consultant Responsibility A Marketing Consultant or Business consultant will generally provide management consulting services to help a businesses improve their performance and efficiency. Some Consultants such as ourselves specialise in various areas such as sales & marketing, However, other Consultants may specialise in finance or manufacturing. Whatever the Marketing Consultant specialist field is