Content Marketing Leads to 82% of Consumers Making a Purchase

Content marketing can often be left behind. It takes time, it takes skill and it does not offer the instant results that other marketing strategies offer.
However, it has been found that 82% of people have admitted to making a purchase because of reading specific content.

Content enhances brand visibility

Content can help to encourage sales and through SEO it can enhance brand visibility but it is also an important part of the process in pushing potential customer through the sales funnel. Despite the fact that people are more willing to visit a site after consuming content, it does result in them looking further into the products and services they offer.
The days of masked marketing are gone, where brands could sneakily add in a product mention without it getting noticed because consumers are more aware than ever before. Consumers now believe that they can identify content marketing when it is presented to them. Despite this awareness, consumers are not turning away. Many of them find content marketing useful and valuable, particularly when it consists of quality and is delivered in a thoughtful way.

This stands true for those articles or videos where consumers can benefit. This could be as a result of a brand or company offering a guide or even tips, both of which are advantageous to the consumer.

Content should be useful & engaging

What is particularly noticeable is that readers are aware of the reason why content is created, however, they do appreciate it more when the content offers them something useful. This is where content marketing gets the desired results. It takes readers by the hand and takes them on a journey to the point where they feel empowered to make a purchase.

What is important to brands is that they should do all they can to deliver their content across a range of platforms, for all to consume, especially when consumers are finding content useful and engaging.