Exhibition Banners & Tablecloth

We were asked by a prominent rail company – PPS Rail who provide possession planning services for the UK railways, to design and create a number of exhibition banners and a matching tablecloth for an exhibition they were attending at RIN Events.

In the UK rail industry, possession planners play a crucial role in coordinating and managing track possessions, which are scheduled periods of time when a section of railway track is closed to train traffic for maintenance, repair, or upgrade work. Possession planners are responsible for planning and scheduling these possessions in a way that minimizes disruption to train services while ensuring the safety of workers and passengers.

Specifically, possession planners work closely with various stakeholders, including Network Rail, train operating companies, maintenance teams, and contractors, to develop detailed possession plans that outline the scope of work, the duration of the possession, the resources required, and the safety measures that need to be implemented. They also consider factors such as train timetables, engineering constraints, and regulatory requirements when scheduling possessions.

Possession planners must have a strong understanding of railway operations, safety regulations, and engineering principles to effectively plan and coordinate track possessions. They need to have excellent organizational and communication skills to liaise with different parties involved in the possession process and ensure that all work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Overall, possession planners play a critical role in managing track possessions in the UK rail industry to ensure that essential maintenance and upgrade work can be carried out while minimizing disruption to train services and ensuring the safety of workers and passengers.