Has Audio Advertising Gone Full Circle?

Technology has changed the way in which we advertise. We now utilise social media, create videos and infographics and reach our target audience using many different channels.

However, with this has come new opportunities for audio. For almost a century, audio advertising has served a purpose. It was relied upon by marketers and used on radio channels and more but it took a back seat once the digital revolution took over.

Marketers were favouring more attractive forms of advertising that they measure and control with ease. Audio advertising has never changed, it has always been there but now it has a new lease of life and is being embraced by marketers once again. It looks to have gone full circle but why?

We have to take a look at the way in which we all bring audio into our lives. In years gone by, if we weren’t listening to the radio at home, at work or in the car then the ads couldn’t reach us. It was limited to some extent but it worked. The world was a lot simpler back then. Now we have a world that is filled with audio and it is everywhere we go.

People are hooked on podcasts, downloading weekly episodes while the popularity of music streaming has soared. This has all been complemented by a surge in new devices upon which we can listen, including smart speakers and headphones. All of this has opened doors to marketers that once never existed.

Brands can now target users through these smart devices that they use to listen to podcasts and their favourite bands and musicians. It enables them to reach far and wide and put themselves in our homes. Audio is more accessible than ever before and with that has come opportunities for marketers.

New avenues have opened up and listeners are now engaged with the entire experience. When they are listening to audio, they tune in with the adverts and that is helping to create a new enthusiasm around audio advertising.

The challenges are still there but the momentum of change is swinging in favour of audio advertising once again. Only this time around, it is being done slightly differently. However, the power of audio advertising cannot be ignored.