Holidays Are Coming and Coca-Cola Means Business

When people think of Christmas, they will think of gifts, Christmas Trees and spending time with the family while many are sure think of the famous Coca-Cola advert. Its catchy tune “Holidays are coming” is etched on the minds of millions and the advert is set to hit our screens again. Coca-Cola has committed a huge media spend on the advert as it aims to drive up Christmas sales.

Last week, the famous truck from the advert embarked on a tour, stopping at 19 different locations while Coca-Cola has also partnered with the national homeless charity Crisis, with 10p from every can that is sampled and recycled during the truck tour.

The advert, which has been launched will be followed by a global advert that is designed to remind us that there is more that unites us than divides us.

As the advert hits the screens for the first time, people will instantly see it as the beginning of the festive period. As a result, Coca-Cola has taken the iconic advert as well as the campaign and made it bigger and better than ever before. To enhance it, they have brought back the elements that people love while they have introduced new partnerships, activity and special moments that bring the advert to life in ways that everyone will love.

Coca-Cola is going big with the advert as they will roll it out on TV, they will also take over digital screens and spaces in travel hubs throughout the UK including some of the main train stations in the country. They will also decorate buses in London with lights and lenticular visuals of Santa. They have also partnered up with Snapchat and so, they will release a dedicated filter while they are also adding the voice of Santa to the navigation app Waze, adding to the Christmas magic.

They are not stopping there either as they are also bringing back the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cinnamon for the second time. Therefore, they are taking over Oxford Circus station, adding a cinnamon scent while they will also offer a cinnamon inspired igloo experience at Winterland.

As one of the biggest brands in the world, Coca Cola is well aware of what Christmas means to people. Their famous advert has been adding to the Christmas spirit for years and the good news is that it will continue to do so.