In-app Marketing – It has Potential

In the UK alone, people spend around 24 hours per week online where In-app Marketing potential can be utilise . We reach for our phones on average, every 12 minutes. We love the way in which we are connected and so, in the last ten years, the time spent online has doubled.

This mobile revolution keeps on reinventing itself but when it is going to stop? Will it ever stop?

For marketers, it has redefined the meaning of an effective marketer and so, this is where apps come in.

Amazing In-app Marketing User Statistic

It might be no surprise that 92% of people who use smartphones, use apps. This amazing statistic now offers endless possibilities for marketers. People who use news apps, check them out three times a day and those who use entertainment apps, spend seven hours a day immersed in this whole new world. For marketers, this presents opportunities.

Many believe that in-app advertising is disruptive and that it invades users space but this is not always true because research suggests otherwise.

Smartphone users are actually more likely to act upon an ad they see in a mobile app. It meant that 51% of users were more likely to make a purchase such as book a hotel or purchase tickets than those who saw the same ads on a PC. In fact, 40% of people said that the in-app ads made them feel as though they wanted to go ahead and make a purchase.

Difference Between in-app ads and PC based ads

The research found that it also made users feel a greater connection to brands as well as make them feel good about the brand. The reason for the difference between in-app ads and PC based ads is that people are more likely to be relaxed when using apps as opposed to those PC users who are more likely to be working.

All of this proves that phones are no longer just a phone. We already knew that, but now technology has evolved to the point where in-app ads are pushing marketers into a new world, one where there are opportunities aplenty.