Include Native Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

There is no denying that video is king. Everywhere we turn, videos are hard to avoid but there is a reason for this – they are popular and people love them.

Social media alone has seen a huge increase in video view rates and each day, we watch 500 million hours of video on YouTube. In fact, traffic is made up of around 80% video which proves just how important it is. Therefore, any marketer should be looking at video content and using it for their brand. However, it is not a case of creating any kind of video and uploading it to YouTube before sharing it on the various platforms. This is because a native video is different.

Native Videos are Vital

Native videos are vital to enhancing the number of views as well as engagement and it is relatively easy to do but a small amount of planning is required. Despite this, when you look at how much video we are watching each day and how it plays a big role in online traffic, native video should be a part of your strategy.

What is Native Video Marketing?

So, you might be wondering what native video is and how it can be used?  Essentially, native video is content that is uploaded directly onto a chosen platform such as social media. However, to gain an understanding of what it is, it is easier to explain what it isn’t.  A non-native video is a video that has been uploaded to YouTube and then shared across a number of platforms such as Facebook. So, to make a video native, it has to be designed specifically for the platform that it will be uploaded to. So why is it important to do this?

Effectively, if you choose to create videos using a 3rd party platform such as YouTube, it can actually damage the potential. When you create your own content that is native it provides you with greater control and it feels authentic, which is something that viewers value. As a result, it means that viewers stay with your branded platform instead of going to a 3rd party platform. As a marketer, it is vital that you give viewers what they want. When you do this, you will be able to keep viewers engaged, attract more views, reach a wider audience and enhance conversions, all of which can lead to success.