Magazine Editorials

We worked alongside our client SigTech Rail to help write an editorial in Rail Engineer Magazine with the help of their specialist Signalling & Telecoms Editor – Paul Darlington. This was a follow on news piece from a previous article done a year ago to understand where the business was heading and the milestones it had overcome.

It soon become clear to Rail Engineer that SigTech Rail had the dedication, passion, and determination to do first class signalling work for the rail industry, all backed by safety, honesty, trustworthiness and adding value for money. Just a few valid points which our client wished to get across to the readers of the magazine and to the industry in general.

To encourage more business and generate more brand awareness alongside the editorial was a quarter page advertisement inserted which we designed, created and sent to the magazine.  All in all it was a great PR news feature and one which our client was very happy with.