Marketers Need to Help Brands be More Human

Technology has completely transformed our lives beyond what we ever imagined and it has all been done in the blink of an eye. When you think that just shy of 20 years ago, many people didn’t have the internet and social media was a thing of complete mystery. The change has been phenomenal but there is no denying that it has altered our lives in so many ways and for the better but something still does not sit right with it in some aspects.

The world of business, branding and marketing has also changed thanks to technology. Brands are now reaching out to their target audiences through multiple channels and social media plays a huge role in this. It all started out with email campaigns but it has evolved and now, people are communicating with brands via technology but does it work?

Quite simply put. It is not working as well as many think it is.

Despite many people spending hours on their phones and many believing that the art of conversation is dead, brands sill have to have that human appeal. In order for brands to be effective, marketers have to think beyond the digital world and seek ways in which brands can converse to the point where it stimulates emotions. Brands need to be more human, which might sound strange when there are more devices in the world that people.

However, this is not about meeting people face to face it is about delivering that human touch though machines. So, it seems as though the focus is now on marketers to come up with a new form of communication. The truth of the matter s that human communication wins people over. If consumers feel as though a brand has a human feel then they are 2.1 times more likely to love the brand and that means that they are more likely to make a purchase from that brand.

So, machines have not yet been able to deliver the empathy that consumers want, however, they can process lots of data. When you can bring the two together, you can amplify the value of your brand and enhance the entire experience for consumers.