New Website Created for MECX

New Rail Engineering Website

We are really excited to announce that our team of creatives designed a new website for the MECX Group.  The new website is a complete change to the group’s previous site and aims to provide a clear & consistent message of who MECX is, what it does and the various sectors that the company works in. What’s more the site contains technical information on the various projects that the MECX team have recently undertaken. As well as being very informative to both customers and suppliers the site has in-built advanced recruitment software which ensures that the group’s search and recruitment activities are much more streamlined and efficient.

Using surveys to educate customers

It appeared from initial customer surveys that we undertook that MECX were more known for contingent labour supply, as opposed to the plethora of services that MECX actually do provide.  The new website was therefore designed to highlight the huge scope of projects that MECX undertakes, whilst ensuring that they educate their customers to the vast array of services that the Group offers.

Using PR to launch the new site

We also launched the site onto various PR rail and engineering news platforms to further boost brand presence and educate customers of the extensive service offering that MECX Group can provide.

Recruitment & content management software

The new website also has an inbuilt bespoke content management system together with being mobile responsive. So whether customers are using a smartphone, tablet or laptop the website will detect a visitors screen size and orientation and adapt to its layout accordingly. There’s a whole host of other software integrations that have been done in order to improve customer experience, website journey and boost sales performance.
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