Now is the Time to Pay Your Agencies More

The world is no driven by the media and savvy PR people inform us about what we should and shouldn’t be doing in a way that works. Some of the best agencies in the world are getting results which is why it is important that agencies get what they are worth.

Agencies are a vital cog in the machine for successful corporations and even small businesses. Without them, they would be unable to reach their audience, build their brand and more and so, things need to change.

Businesses are now requiring their agencies to work faster, better and more efficiently but businesses want to pay less for all of this but these are things that cannot go hand in hand with paying lower prices.

The truth is, if you pay more you get more. While better agencies won’t necessarily cost more, if businesses pay more, they are more likely to achieve better outcomes, despite the bosses at the top asking why agency spending has increased, until they see the bottom line, that is.

The truth is, when it comes to marketing, it is vital to get things right and so, it should be seen as a form of investment. We all know how much better we work when we are engaged and happy. Often, these are things that come from senior management. However, the same kind of thinking can be taken in to the work of marketing and using agencies. If businesses want agencies to reinvest time, effort and resources into their business then they need to pay them for their services and pay them well.

Many top agencies are now understanding that efficiency is crucial. However, the pursuit of lower prices will only result in a lack of quality. So, when agencies deserve to be paid more and are paid more, everyone is happy.

In fact, the issue runs deeper than that. Businesses need to hire an agency that looks after its people because one that does, will really get the most out of its workforce. This in turn will mean that agencies perform and businesses will benefit. So, businesses have to consider where agencies sit in terms of how they view their employees. If businesses get this right, then their return on investment will be high but they will also help to create a better industry.