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Over the years we have been instrumental in creating multiple marketing campaigns & growth ideas for a number of National & Local Leisure Facilities, Outdoor Fitness Centres & Indoor Waterparks

From Golf Clubs, to Gyms, to Tennis Centres & Water Parks we’ve successfully marketed it!

Over 15 years of PR and Marketing experience within the Leisure industry

Working with Editors of Local & National Press, Magazines, TV, Photographers & Videographers & Online we’ve launched numerous Leisure Centres across the UK

According to a recent Leisure Consumer 2021 Report the COVID-19 pandemic triggered profound overnight changes in consumer behaviour.  Not only did the lockdown restrictions lead to a significant increase with consumers doing more in-home leisure activities, but they also accelerated the shift to other online activities. In normal circumstances, notably the growth of online leisure activities, would have most likely taken years to happen. Plus if it wasn’t for COVID then online leisure & other activities would have coincided with more gradual social and technological innovations.

In the UK, 21 per cent of consumer spending is on ‘socially consumed’ services, such as meals out, holidays and other leisure activities – the areas which unfortunately were most affected by lockdown measures. For consumers to spend on these items, they need to be confident about their personal financial circumstances. In Q1 2021 Leisure activities, such as attending cultural events and going to the gym, saw net spending climb.

When consumers were asked about their intended level of engagement with leisure activities in the year to March 2022 compared to the year before March 2020, 19 per cent of consumers stated that they will be making healthier lifestyle choices.  Consumers were also ready to return to face-to-face leisure activities. However, the net balances for many at-home leisure activities were negative, meaning that on balance there are more people wanting to do fewer online leisure activities at home. These results all point to a return to pre COVID-19 behaviours in the Leisure sector.

Our team of savvy marketeers can provide your Leisure business with everything from brand creation right through to a full-blown retail website. We ensure that your business really stands out from the crowd by creating amazing marketing campaigns that differentiate what makes your Leisure venue unique!

As a full-service marketing agency, we are able to provide our leisure & fitness clients with an extensive range of marketing services all of which are aimed at achieving growth and maximising brand impact.

Leisure businesses at the forefront of this very competitive sector are now using savvy marketing agencies like Specialist Marketing Agency in order to modernise their digital footprint.

In-Depth Experience Of The Leisure & Fitness Industry

Statistics now show that since the retreat of COVID-19  and the reopening of gyms, UK consumers have come back with vigour in order to get back into their normal gym & training routines. Though some people may continue to workout from home, for many, being constantly stuck at home has given consumers a bigger urge to get back out and into their usual gym or leisure centre.

Demand for gym memberships is now on the up and statistics show us that 54% of gym memberships and around 75% of group fitness class attendees are female.  The most popular classes amongst women being spinning, aerobics, weights & strength training and yoga sessions. 

Leisure businesses at the forefront of this very competitive sector are now using savvy marketing agencies like Specialist Marketing Agency in order to modernise their digital footprint. Over the years we have created a multitude of marketing & PR campaigns for a large number of Leisure Centres, focussing on various areas such as brand reputation, activity promotion & increasing membership sales. What’s more we’re able to deliver our marketing campaigns across multiple channels, such as social media, press releases, display advertisement & pay per click marketing. Using multiple marketing channels, means we are able to really push your Fitness facility to the forefront of customers minds, especially when they’re deciding which gym to join.


Inspirational Marketing

Advertising & Public Relations

Whether its dealing with press editors or organising specialist PR campaigns you can be assured that our advertising team have the expertise to deliver amazing results. Whether its advertorials, editorials, specialist PR, graphic design, copy writing, or launching a new leisure facility or new activity, we’re there to help. We can advertise your facility across a number of areas including

  • Local Press
  • Major Supermarkets
  • Local Magazines
  • Local Stores
  • Web & Online Banner Advertising
  • External & Internal Display Signage
  • External Banner Advertising
  • Window Advertising
  • Train Station & Bus Stop Advertising

We have been instrumental in launching a number of new leisure facilities & leisure activities by writing lots of editorials & designing plenty of adverts.

Web Design

If you need a new website or just a refresh of your old website, then you have landed at the right place. Our web design service includes everything from competitor analysis right through to copy writing. Our expert web team can do the job from start to finish, from creating a tailored design which fits perfectly with your business needs, to installing the latest software to streamline your membership sales.

Graphic & Print Design

Whether you want a business card, flyer brochure or press advertisement then our in-house graphic design team will certainly help. Our specialist creative team will provide you with awesome, unique & inspiring designs, all of which will fascinate customers, maximise brand power & send membership sales soaring.

Social Media

Whether its writing articles on the latest leisure industry activities or engaging regularly with your customers, you can be assured that our social media services will deliver noticeable results. Our team will grow your followers, likes and shares whilst strengthening your brand and generating tons of interest in what your leisure facility has to offer.

marketing services for leisure centres
leisure centre marketing services

Our clients are impressed by our drive and determination to make their business a success. What’s more we offer competitive marketing campaigns to suit your business needs so call us on 0345 408 5488!

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