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Our team have worked with various recruitment agencies operating across multiple markets including Rail, Civil Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Umbrella Agencies and Automotive.

We have worked with brands such as Blue Arrow, HM Prison Service, Coben Healthcare, Medacs Healthcare, Morson Group, NHS, UK Immigration plus lots of other businesses.

Digital Marketing To Attract Clients & Candidates

It’s an extremely competitive arena with over 39,000 recruitment agencies trading in the UK alone. So what’s the Governments latest Recruitment Forecast for 2022

According to Bullhorn recruitment forecast 2022  talent and skills shortages is once again the main challenge for firms in 2022, leading them to focus on acquiring talent from 2022. Various other companies also cited that skilled candidate acquisition was their top priority for the year, something we have see especially within the rail and engineering sectors. Other companies cited that they needed to transform their digital footprint and start to make use of more digital technologies whilst also improving the candidate experience. For the first time in the history of recruitment trends companies are reporting that winning new clients is not a top-three priority.

Candidate acquisition is the top priority for firms and respondents cite candidate sourcing as the most challenging part of the recruiting lifecycle. Despite this, less than half of firms automate candidate sourcing (or any recruitment process). We have found that since COVID and Brexit that lots of unique industry skills have been lost due to a number of reasons such as candidates wanting to take an early retirement, or make a complete change of career or just simply changing they way they work by getting more of a work lifestyle balance.

The last year saw a dramatic rise in the number of recruitment businesses employing a digital transformation strategy. 84% of global recruitment firms now have a digital transformation strategy in place, compared to 43 percent a year ago. This trend we believe will keep rising, more especially as some skilled candidates are staying put in the same job for security reasons so digital technologies will help recruiters to expand the candidate search horizon.

The various skills shortages across industries such as Rail, Engineering & Construction means that companies are becoming increasingly concerned about their ability to source and attract the right talent in order to fill their job vacancies. Consequently, a growing number of employers are seeking external support from specialist recruitment agencies.

At Specialist Marketing Agency Manchester we realise that without employers onboard then you have no jobs to recruit for. And without plenty of talented candidates on your database then you won’t be able to fill job vacancies. That’s why the digital marketing campaigns that we produce will have two angles, the first being to attract clients and the second to attract and source valuable candidates.

marketing consultancy services

As a specialist marketing agency, having worked across various sectors of the Recruitment industry you can be assured that we can deliver the marketing support that your business needs.

Insightful Industry Knowledge

Our extensive involvement within the recruitment industry, media & current affairs enables us to compose clever and topical articles that grab the attention of candidates & customers and position your business as the go-to-recruitment leader. Our social media and PR team can promote your jobs, views, news and articles across multiple marketing channels, all of which will bring clients and candidates to your door whilst enhancing your online visibility.



Advertising & Public Relations

Whether its writing up an editorial, sourcing the right media, launching a new service or just designing an advert, you can be assured that our advertising team have the expertise to deliver incredible results. Our advertisement campaigns can be built around attracting either clients or candidates, or both! We even work alongside some of the leading industry  Recruitment magazines and jobs boards which include:

  • Recruiter
  • Specific Industry Magazines
  • Onrec
  • Recruiting Times
  • HR Magazine
  • Recruitment-International
  • Job Boards, Indeed, Total Jobs, CV Library, Monster, Reed
  • Job Social Media Channels, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Having previously written lots of editorials & designing numerous adverts for our clients, and helped them grow by using the latest digital technologies you can be assured that we can help your recruitment business grow.

Web & Graphic Design

If you need a new website or a refresh of your old website, then you have come to the right place. Perhaps maybe you need a brochure, flyer or even business cards.  Then our web & graphic design services includes everything from competitor analysis right through to copy writing. Our expert web and graphics team can do the job from start to finish, from creating a tailored design which fits perfectly with your business needs, to installing the latest software to streamline your online website sales. We’re also very savvy with the latest digital technologies which can assist in easily finding those illusive candidates with the right skills.

Marketing & Sales Consultancy

We have an experienced consultancy team who have worked within the various recruitment sectors. From Healthcare, to Rail, to Civil Engineering recruitment our team has the expertise to help your recruitment business grow.  So whether you want more sales, or even want to diversify into different vertical markets then our marketing consultants can help. What’s more we even off a FREE no obligation consultation!

Social Media

Whether its unique content creation on the latest hot recruitment topics or regularly engaging with your customers, you can be assured that our social media services will deliver tangible results. Our team will grow your likes, followers and shares whilst maximising your brand power and generating interest from both employers and candidates alike. What’s more we can help grow your brand across various social media channels including

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
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