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We are a Social Media Marketing Agency & create social media marketing campaigns which focus on customer needs, audience engagement and turning conversations into sales. We’re also experts in advising our customers the best social channels to engage on, and which channels will bring the most lucrative results.

FREE Social Media Audit

With over 3 billion people now using various social media platforms to engage with brands, compare prices or to chat with friends there has never been a more important time to ensure that your business has a robust social media marketing strategy.

When you engage with SMA our team will conduct a thorough social audit of your current social media platforms. The analysis of this audit will allow us to develop a targeted social media marketing strategy which will not only improve your company’s online profile, but which will maximise your brand presence whilst generating vital sales leads. If you would like us to do an audit of your social profiles then why not contact us now!

When compiling our social audit on your business we take care to include the social presence of your competitors.

We then benchmark your competitors against your own social media profile results, understanding what works and what doesn’t. We then go onto utilising our social media expertise to develop ideas which will win new customers and maximise your market reach. We will also put together a persona of your perfect customer and use this to target likes, followers, shares and brand mentions.

We Build A Creative Campaign

Once we have agreed upon your final social media marketing strategy we will go on to create relevant written content and post this out on a weekly basis. We will also create any advert designs together with producing inspiring video content. We will also write weekly PR which is industry specific, engaging with your customers and more importantly hot off the press!

We Monitor & Report

Using a variety of social media listening software we continually monitor your campaigns whilst engaging promptly to customer questions, requests or comments. Our real-time software and rapid response rates ensure that you stay ahead of your competition and on top of your game! We report back to you at the end of each month with stats and figures which conclusively demonstrate the growth of your brand, likes, followers, shares, market reach and more importantly value for money!

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