Rail Engineer Customer Feature

We were very happy to help one of our clients Sigtech Rail Consultancy Limited to write a news feature in Rail Engineer Magazine. Our client wanted to showcase his efficient rail signalling support services and also a recent case study which was for a technical points installation at Hammerton Station in York whilst working alongside various locking engineers from Network Rail.

SigTech Rail, our client, actually provides specialised, efficient signalling support for track and point renewals, civil engineering works, maintainers, and any project that involves signalling. Whilst assisting Sigtech Rail with their marketing efforts we have seen the business develop and grow to become a first-class provider of specialist signalling services, including non-conceptual design, installation and permanent way signalling support, along with operational telecoms. At Specialist Marketing Agency we also work closely with various rail editors and this article was no exception as we worked alongside Paul Darlington who specialises in Signalling & Telecoms.

Hammerton Lever Frame Renewal Case Study

Typical of the type of work SigTech has been involved in is the renewal of the locking frame at Hammerton station to the West of York. The team at SigTech Rail worked alongside locking fitters from Network Rail to renew the old lever frame. Hammerton is an intermediate station on the York to Harrogate route, which is signalled by traditional mechanical branch line signalling, located between the modern electronic signalling at York and Leeds. However, the lever frame is unusual as it is located in an exquisitely designed wooden ‘hut house’ on the platform. It is thought to date from the signalling of the line in the 1880s and an 1895 survey records eight ‘signal boxes’ on the line as being “Wood Cover on Platform”. In 1914 a McKenzie and Holland No.16 lever frame was provided, and it was this frame that was being replaced by the team at SigTech Rail.

SigTech Rail has also been involved with supporting track work and switch renewals around the country, for example supporting the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive network (Nexus). Working around the country and on different railways allows SigTech to experience and then share best practice; which is even more important for today’s non-centralised, devolved, national rail network has recently assisted with resolving a wide to gauge set of points at Edge Hill Liverpool, caused by excessive rail wear due to extensive freight traffic and tight curves.