Sports Centre Signage

Our graphic design team were asked to help design street signage for Sugden Leisure Centre based in city centre Manchester.  The signage was needed to show potential customers where the leisure centre entrance was located as it wasn’t very visible for the public to see.  Our creative team first did some on-site visits to discuss the signage needs and any issues the leisure centre was facing.  We then considered the following points before actually creating & designing the signage:

1. Visibility: Our team realised that the street signage should be highly visible and easily readable from a distance. We therefore considered factors such as font size, colour contrast, and placement to ensure that the signage stood out and could be easily spotted by pedestrians and drivers.

2. Location: We choose a strategic location for the street signage so that it was highly visible to people approaching the leisure centre. We also reviewed placing the signage at key intersections, near major roads, or at prominent landmarks to guide visitors easily to the location.

3. Directional Information: We ensured that our street signage provided clear and concise directional information to help people navigate to the leisure centre. Including arrows, distance indicators, and recognizable landmarks to guide visitors effectively.

4. Branding: We incorporated the branding elements of the leisure centre, such as their logo, their colours, and other design aesthetics, into the street signage to create a cohesive brand identity. The signage also reflected the overall branding of the leisure centre to enhance recognition and visibility.

5. Contact Information: We made sure that we included contact information, website details, and social media handles, on the street signage to provide additional information to visitors and encourage engagement with the leisure centre.

6. Durability: Street signage is exposed to various weather conditions and environmental factors, so it was important that we chose durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements. So we used weather-resistant materials and quality printing techniques to ensure the longevity of the signage.

7. Compliance: We also ensured that our street signage complied with local regulations and guidelines for outdoor advertising. Checking for any restrictions on size, placement, or content of signage in the area where the leisure centre was located to avoid any potential issues.