The Internet 10 Years On

Internet Marketing

In 2002, the Internet boasted 569 million users, which translated to 9.1% of the world’s population. In 2012, that number has sky rocketed and there are now 2.27 billion users, or roughly translated 33% of the world’s population.

In 2002 the amount of time that people used to spend online was roughly 46 minutes per day, however, in 2012, its now at 4 hours per day.

Over the years some companies have paid a steep price for their unwillingness to adapt to online changes. The likes of Blockbuster who refused numerous offers to buy Netflix and to roll our subscription based memberships, sadly went bankrupt in 2012. Indeed in 2002 there were a mere 3 million websites, however, in 2012 that figure has now been smashed with a staggering 555 million websites all actively engaging online.

In 2002 it took 12.5 minutes to download a song using a 56k modem. Now it takes only 18 seconds.

A Faster More Connected World

The amount of time it took to download a web page in 2002 was around 16 seconds, however, in 2012 download speeds are at approximately 6 seconds.

Social media fans were using friendster which had 3 million fans in 2002. However, by 2012 Facebook had a whopping 900 million users.

In 2002 95% of online searches were done using IE – Internet Explorer, however, by 2012 IE surfers dropped by half to 39%, whilst Google Chrome took 28% & Firefox took 25% of the internet online search market.

One wonders, whether or not Facebook will become the next Friendster, or indeed whether Google will still be dominating the search engine marketing in another 10 years.