UK Top Brands – Things Are Changing

Consumers in the UK know what they want and what they like and we are a loyal old bunch when it comes to sticking with what we know. After all, you only have to look at Aldi which has been the top brand since 2014 but now things are changing.

So, the surge of Netflix continues and it has now knocked Aldi off the top spot, making it the UK’s favourite brand according to YouGov’s annual BrandIndex ‘Buzz’ rankings.

The 2019 list was topped by the streaming service which came in with a score of 21.4, making an improvement of five points. In contrast, Aldi made an improvement of 1.1 moving it down to second place followed closely by its rival Lidl.

Greggs has also seen stark improvement in its popularity and that is more than likely down to its move into the vegan market, as it made its first entry into the top ten while Spotify was also a newcomer to the list.

Things were not great for BBC One and Samsung while the BBC iPlayer continues to struggle, as it tumbles down the rankings to seventh.

The success has come down to its marketing prowess but also the way in which it has worked to give viewers what they want. It only entered the rankings in 2016 but the brand is on-point and getting it right in every way. It has launched original content and it is based in several markets and demographic groups. As a result, they have seen a number of award nominations come their way which includes the Oscars, adding more weight to the brand and the way that it is perceived.

As far as improvements go, Netflix also makes the list of the most improved along with Greggs. Greggs has pushed new products and has gone on a marketing push whereby they are utilising social media and other forms of advertising to improve what was once looking like a bleak future for the brand.