What Does A Sales & Marketing Consultant Do?

Sales  Marketing Consultant Responsibility

A Marketing Consultant or Business consultant will generally provide management consulting services to help a businesses improve their performance and efficiency. Some Consultants such as ourselves specialise in various areas such as sales & marketing, However, other Consultants may specialise in finance or manufacturing. Whatever the Marketing Consultant specialist field is he or she will generally analyse what’s going wrong within a businesses and then create solutions which are results driven in order to resolve matters and get the business back on track. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants when they need help or perspective on a particular problem or issue, as it’s always good to have a second opinion, especially from someone not as close to the problem.

We Customise our Training or Workshop Sessions

Having been in the business of sales and marketing consultancy now for over 20 years we always custom-design any workshops, training sessions or presentations so that they correlate & meet with our customers needs. Or as we say “one size does not fit all.” We also take into consideration the attributes of the people involved and consider first and foremost employee culture, personalities, skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, morale and opinions, when planning any programs of work. At Specialist Marketing Agency, we believe that it’s people who make a business, so it’s extremely important to us that any employees involved within our consultancy projects that they are fully committed and behind us 100%.

We Analyse What The Real Problem is

When consulting with our clients we take a holistic view of the business, which means reviewing not just sales and marketing but also the financial aspects of a business. In the past clients have called upon our services for a number of reasons such as “our sales are down” or “our marketing isn’t working anymore.” However, once we embark into our in-depth analysis of the business, we often find that there can be a number of issues causing the problem/s for instance:-

  • The sales team are winning business… however, the operations team are loosing customers.
  • The sales team are focused on getting into XYZ markets, however, the marketing team is sending its campaigns out to ABC markets.
  • The sales team (and often the business owner) have no clear direction of who they should be selling to, and into what markets. This causes a scattergun sales approach and the result is a disillusioned sales force. After all, if the owner of the business is unclear as to where his sales growth is going to come from, then how can the sales team follow through.
  • In extreme cases we have found that some businesses were on the verge of bankruptcy, so no amount of consultancy, marketing or selling would help them.

What We Do In A Nutshell

As sales and marketing consultants we help our clients in a number of ways which could include:-

  • Consulting, coaching, advising & steering clients in the right direction
  • Identifying new products / services or new markets for sustained growth
  • Coaching, guiding, training (on different levels.. from the Boardroom to the sales team)
  • Developing, training, coaching your teams & upskilling them to improve performance
  • Defining the company’s mission, goals, and objectives
  • Assessing what the actual / true situation is of the business
  • Identifying training and operational needs
  • Improving the organisations communications
  • Improving work performance & efficiencies
  • Increasing employee motivation & loyalty
  • Improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Improving brand recognition, brand loyalty and protecting sales growth

We Put Our Clients Interest First

We always put our clients interest and well-being before our own. So unless we can make a substantial difference, solve the dilemma, or dramatically improve your situation, then we never take on the role.  Or as we say in the trade “we won’t take your watch, to tell you the time.”