Why Marketing Ads Just Don’t Do It

Marketers spend a lot of time dreaming up ads that often get big results. However, there is one thing that has to be considered when making ads and that is the fact that people sometimes hate them. This is not a bad thing because understanding this can help agencies to make improve ads so that they do get results. However, with this in mind, why is it that some people hate ads?

Lack of consumer trust

Generally, people do not believe what brands are saying and this is a constant challenge that marketers face. Trust is important when it comes to building healthy relationships between consumers and brands. These days people are more sceptical than ever before, so it means that brands have to be open, honest and reliable.

Ads Get Tired

It is a known fact that people are exposed to as much advertising with over 10,000 ads being shown per day. Adverts are therefore becoming more intrusive into our personal lives and as a result, people start to get tired of seeing them.

There is no doubt that adverts do work but it is how a brand uses advertising that gets results. Giving people too much is overkill, so it is vital that brands and marketers find that perfect balance.

A Lack of Creativity

Over the last 10 years advertising has certainly changed. When we consider ad campaigns of days gone by, there were certainly some powerful & successful attempts by big brands such as the “ Just Do It” from Nike. These ad masterpieces managed to capture and engage an audience with fabulous creativity and consistent messages about just how good the brand was, and in-fact still is. However, in the fast paced environment of today, ad reach has become more important than ad relevance and has resulted in some ads lacking in creativity and engagement.

Power of the People

People have more freedom than ever before when it comes to how they chose to be targeted. In the past, consumers would have to pay attention to ads and campaigns. However, with so many advertising channels available today consumers can actively boycott brands, or just switch off adverts, meaning that they are no longer passive consumers.

So, ads still have a purpose and they certainly work but through an understanding of why they don’t work, it makes it possible to create ads that get results.