Work out your Next Marketing Campaign using a Navigation App

The customer journey is underpinned by Navigation apps because they provide real-time information that works wonders for marketing campaigns

Waze took a look at driving data and saw that the 22ndDecember was the day that trips to the supermarket peaked during the Christmas period. There was a 40% increase in uplift in comparison to a normal day.

Having the ability to create campaigns that capture your brand as users are out and about can really help you to encourage them to react spontaneously. Campaigns can be tailored to certain times of the year, such as B&Q who pinned a Christmas tree on each of their stores, explaining to users where they can pick up their Christmas trees.

This level of understanding can help campaigns to target the decision making process of users. Another large retailer, Marks & Spencer, ran a special offer during the morning of the Royal Wedding on the 19thMay. They were aware that users were out and about picking up goods for their Royal Wedding parties. This was advertising that resonated with the mind of their customers in a way that they could relate to.

Another example of this is the fact that through the working week, at 4 pm 66% of the British workforce have no idea what they will be eating that evening. Therefore, retailers are taking advantage of this opportunity to link up with the likes of Waze to reach out to users who are located close to their stores.

So, with Christmas only a few months away, those emotive adverts will soon be appearing on our screens but let us consider this new marketing tactic for a moment. The data behind maps can now provide retailers with the location of users, enabling them to really tap into their minds, slowly pushing them in the direction of their special offers at the stores located nearby.