Worlds Most Valuable Brands 2018

According to Forbes annual look at the world’s most valuable brands – Apple tops the list.  The tech titan is now worth $182.8 billion and grew by 8% last year.  Google is ranked second at $132.1 billion and although the gap in brand value between the great Silicon Valley giants was greater some 3 years ago it appears that Google is gaining steam. However, we have to report that Apple retains its secret ability to generate huge profits and insatiable demand for its premium priced products around the world.

Valuations of other tech giants

Microsoft $104.9 billion
Facebook $94.8 billion
Amazon $70.9 bilion
Coca Cola $57.3 billion
Samsung $47.6 billion
Disney $47.5 billion
Toyota $44.7 billion
McDonalds $41.4 billion

Amazon leapfrogs Google

However, according to Cityam in the latest tussle of the tech giants Amazon in February of this year announced a move into healthcare  & is now valued at approximately $150bn.  New research reveals a rise of more than 40 per cent which may have helped Amazon to leapfrog Google. Amazon appears to be relentlessly going into new sectors and geographies with no boundaries in sight.  It appears that the brand is going to continue to grow exponentially so watch this space.

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